Gateway to the Forest Retreat Center

A Visionary Project and Forest Community for the Sound of Light Circle

Live with us close to Mother Earth, listening to her heartbeat, feeling the harmony of her forest, reviving in her pure waters, following and respecting her cycles. With her ever-flowing river and cascading waterfalls, full of wild life and magic, we have a very special farm where the Forest speaks and offers a sacred space of support, silence and healing for our journeys with the Power Plant Spirits.

We wish to welcome you to our Jungle Home in Costa Rica, where everthing is truly Pure Life.

The Land that holds us is tucked away in a valley below a great green mountain where ancient Indigenous once dwelled. Many artifacts have been found on this area and there are many sacred sites around.

Our Center has all basic facility requirements in a beautiful, quiet and natural surrounding.


  • We have shared lodging in our rustic cabins, with bed and linen. Cabins can sleep 4-8 people
  • There are private cabins available but need to be pre-booked
  • Camping is an option during the dry season (Dec – May) Please bring your own camping equipment


  • Clean Spring Water sourced on the Land
  • Communal kitchen with gorgeous view that provides 3 delicious vegertarian meals a day
  • Organic greens grown on the Land
  • Showers with cold water
  • Composting Toilets
  • Temple for Ceremonies and group activities
  • Sweatlodge
  • Library
  • Children playing areas
  • River swimming pool
  • Wi-fi
  • Easy road access

We are blessed to have an ever-flowing river on the Land, coming out of the mountain as one of the longets waterfalls in Central America. This river has great swimming places and massage pools.

diamente-river-land (1)

We are creating a Sacred Temple Space in this forest where we will do our SOL Ceremonies, Sweatlodges and Forest Quest Journeys.

Accomodation is either shared rooms or private cabin and camping facilities are available too.

In Costa Rica, Mother Nature is free, come feel this freedom within yourself too!

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