Ayahuasca Music

The sacred Ayahuasca music played during a Sound of Light ceremony is a crucial soundtrack that accompanies us as our perception expands and hearts open. Though there are periods of silence, the music acts as an anchor that can help us tap into emotions and find grounding in the rhythms. The music is the heartbeat of an Ayahuasca journey at Sound of Light, and often its sounds will be joined by the symphony of the forest: birds, wind, water, and monkey cries.

Ayahuasca music at Sound of Light is different from the icaros played in Peruvian-style Ayahuasca ceremonies. Through the years, we have compiled hundreds of songs that weave their way into our astral journeys, including Sanyasin, devotional, mantra, and Santo Daime. Lyrics are in a variety of languages, from Hebrew and Portuguese to English and Spanish. Rather than the shaman or guide “performing” the songs, each Sound of Light participant is encouraged to join in song and movement during ceremony, adding their own voices to the driving force of the group, honoring the ayahuasca medicine through musical vibration. Many of our favorites have been compiled in a lyrics songbook.

Many creative musicians are drawn to ayahuasca at Sound of Light and so each ceremony will be influenced by their contributions through voice and other instruments. Sound of Light has been the home for many musical recordings on site, with exciting future growth to come in the realm of sacred-music production. Music can be heard on this website, YouTube, Facebook and SoundCloud. Join us for regular live broadcasts from the forest, wherever you are in the world, to stay connected to the Sound of Light ayahuasca community through the music. We encourage those in our Sound of Light family to hold regular singing circles with their loved ones wherever they are globally, harmonizing in friendship and community.

The simple sacred hymns shared in ayahuasca ceremony stay with us between our visits to Sound of Light. Tapping into their vibration, we can harness the energies and lessons learned from the medicine, finding and clarifying our voices in the process.