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Our gatherings and events are the best way to connect to our received Vision and embrace more deeply the healing, support and conciousness that SOL offers. We make ceremonies, weekend gatherings, sweatlodge ceremonies, singing circles and seminars throughout the year. In the Forest of Costa Rica at our Retreat Center, we live as a family, at service to the Healing Light of the Sacred Spirit as we walk humbly towards the New World...

Upcoming Events View our calender of events for the rest 2014 and the beginning of 2015 in the Forest of Costa Rica! Many retreats to choose from! 
Volunteering Program - Join us at our Forest Community Retreat Center and get involved in our various land projects. You can help us develop our Retreat Center while living in community and taking part in Sacred Ceremonies
Contact us by email for more direct communication  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

During our Medicine Seminar Season we partake in:  




  • Temazcal sweatlodge ceremonies
  • Ayahuasca and Peyote Ceremonies
  • Music workshops
  • Meditation and yoga sessions
  • Opportunity to connect and work with the Medicine Plants
  • Living as a forest community tribe that holds sacred space for one another
  • Connecting to the nature through land work and walks 
  • Visiting Sacred sites
  • Dancing, art and free expression
  • Trips to the beautiful Pacific beaches


About our previous retreats:

We went on a vast journey through a great season of Medicine Retreats that opened on 12.12.12. From Dec until May 2013 SOL hosted 6 retreats on a neighbouring Permaculture farm,  focused around the teachings of the Forest and guided by the Sacred Medicina, Madre Ayahuasca. With beautiul circles from very intimate until large groups we shared a special time together. View a page about this season

View some of our previous Seminars from the last 3 years

A video from our first retreat in Costa Rica, hosted at a local permaculture farm and included a ceremony at the Diamante Waterfall:

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Recently SOL Family has acquired a beautiful land in Costa Rica. This land is Florestral, the home for our eco-spiritual community and Gateway to the Forest Project. We are creating a Hosting and Retreat Center on part of the land,  inviting and growing a Forest Community of global spirit-walkers and we are reforesting part of the land that was deprived for cattle grazing. 

Celebrating and studying with the Great Plant Teachers we heal and illuminate our Sacred Planet one heart at a time!


Contact us for more information

and about joining any retreats or ceremonies:

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Our spirtual work is centered around the consciousness and healing received from the Spirit Being of the Sacred Medicine, the union of the Vine and Queen of the Forest. On our spiritual life journey we integrate these experiences and lessons together with the teachings and guidance of many Great Masters and spirtual practices from the Orient until the Americas