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Sacred Medicine Retreats in Costa Rica 2016 - 2017

We invite you to join us in the Forest of Costa Rica, Central America, at the New SOL Retreat Center for a special season of Medicine Retreats. In Circle and in the Heart connecting Earth and Sky upon our journey of self-discovery, healing, truth and consciousness. Together with the Sacred Plant Teachers, the Elements, the Forest and the Great River and through community, interaction and sharing, we discover the beautiful and mysterious secrets in Nature and in the Universe...

Medicine Retreats Calender 2016

Ceremonies with Ayahuasca and Peyote Sweatlodges

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19 August


1 night Ceremony with Vismay 



SOL in Europe

7 - 12 September


The Shamanic Path Retreat

20 - 29 September


Equinox Volunteering Program in the Forest

12 -16 October


Breath work Workshop

26 - 31 October


Ascension- Rising in Love

20 - 28 November


Volunteering Eco building & medicine retreat

5 - 12 December


Family Forest Retreat

15 Dec- 2 Jan



12 - 14 Jan


Vismay Birthday Ceremony

19 - 23 Jan


Elements Dance

31 Jan - 12 Feb


Forest Vision Quest

16 - 20 Feb


Soul Calling

1 - 5 March


Forest in Vision (post Envision retreat)

5 - 12 March


Healer's Week

17 - 23 March



12 - 18 April


Sacred Heart

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Stepping out of the grey and into the green of the Forest and out of the mind and into the Heart with the SOL Tribe!

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sacred vine

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river pool   abuelito-abuelita

Embracing Consciousness for a New World!

Come to the Forest to venture deep within yourself and explore dimensions beyond our world seeking healing, clarity and awareness as we embark upon a transformative journey with the Visionary Medicine brew, Ayahuasca and Peyote and the Sacred Music Circle of Sound of Light. Live in this medicine community in the forest sharing sacred ways and tuning in with Mother Earth's rhythms..We partake in Temazcal (sweatlodge) Ceremonies, daily meditation practices, yoga, dance, silence, experiencing the Elements, rituals, Medicine Plant ceremonies and journeys, community, co-creation and simplicity in nature...Sing, pray, dance, meditate and realise yourself transformed...

We are developing the Land to host this Seminar Season, it is an exciting time for SOL as we are manifesting the vision of a forest community of Spirit Walkers and an anchor of Light for the SOL Multidimensional Retreat Center and Astral University. We are creating this Gateway to the Forest in Costa Rica to give people the opportunity to receive the Forest's healing with the Sacred Plants and have a place to stay to harmonize the experiences in an enviroment that is peaceful and warm.

The season of Ayahuasca retreats will include other spiritual practices to maintain and nuture our growth. Participants can also partake in earth works, like in the garden. We flow with the guidance of the Spirit and the journey of the Circle. It is best for your personal process to stay for a longer period with us, giving time for more ceremonies, going deeper within and unifying the teachings received into the foundation of your being.

We understand the many commitments that life has, so we are open to receive you joining in during certain parts of each retreat. Please write to us for more details and share your intentions so we can support your coming.

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Visit our Music Library and listen to the songs we sing during the Ayahuasca Ceremony

We work with the fequency of sound. The Ceremony is carried by music and these Universal-heart songs that we sing have been compiled into a series of songbooks. We bring them into our lives to remind us and to elevate us to the Divine teachings that are received in the sacramental space of the Medicina during Ceremony . We are glad to share them with you on our music page. There are live recordings from Ceremonies as well as Studio Recordings that are produced, recorded and mixed in our forest studio. These Sacred Songs can be listened to and some are for download by clicking this link:

Sacred Music Library 

Contact us directly by email for personal communication. We are happy to connect with you and share any information you require

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"The Forest is calling you, allow this transformation to start"
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