Elements Dance

20th May 2019 - 28th May 2019
Exploring the 4 Sacred Elements of Water, Fire, Air and Earth through our experiential journey with the Sacred Medicines
The Elements are the building blocks of the Universe and our world. Through intentional Ceremony and with the Sacred Plant Medicines lets connect deeper to the Elements and understand their power and potential in guiding and healing us. Ceremony Schedule:
Ceremony Schedule:

May 20 Arrival and Welcome
May 21 Immersion into nature, yoga program
May 22 Yoga program, Evening Ayahuasca Meditation
May 23 Waterfall hike
May 24 Ayahuasca Ceremony
May 25 Ayahuasca Ceremony
May 26 Integration Circle
May 27 Elements Dance Sweatlodge Ceremony
May 28 Departure and goodbye hugs
Camping $630
Shared accomodations $750
Private accomodations $990

Prices include 8 nights accommodation with vegetarian meals and all Ceremonies.