Forest in Vision

26th February 2020 - 3rd March 2020
A Medicine weekend gathering after Envision Festival
We welcome you to our Forest Sanctuary for a profound journey into the mystery of your being, guided by the Sacred Plant Medicines and our supportive healing circle. Integrate your experiences, and the teachings that you have received into wisdom rising deep from your inner knowing. From this place of clarity and grounding, you will be ready to walk forward on your path, and may all our steps come from Love. Aho!
Ceremony Schedule:

Feb 26 - Welcome Circle and Arrivals
Feb 27 - Sweat Lodge
Feb 28 - Ayahuasca Ceremony
Feb 29 - Ayahuasca Ceremony
March 1 - Sharing
March 3 - Departures

Early bird pricing extended till Oct 10, 2019:

Shared accommodations $580 USD
Private room single $760 USD
Private room for two $ 640 USD EACH
Camping $340 USD

These prices include 5 nights accommodation, all vegetarian meals, 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, 1 Medicine Sweatlodge as well as yoga and a workshop to be announced.