Over the Rainbow

18th March 2019 - 25th March 2019
A celebration of Sacred Medicine and Music for Vismay's final retreat
Join us for this magical Equinox celebration as we travel across a rainbow of music and medicine. After 18 years of Medicine Service, Vismay reaches 1000 ceremonies and this festival will be the last one that he will facilitate for a while.
Ceremony Schedule:
Don't miss out on this promising and fantastic journey! Vismay is preparing a journey of a lifetime for this occasion. We will hold 4 Sacred Medicine Ceremonies and a dance party
Together let's go explore vastly the Divine Sound and travel through the spectrum of color and light, to sing and celebrate until the New Dawn!

18 March - Arrival and welcome

The Medicine Ceremony passage will be 19,20,21 and 22 of March.

24 March - Awesome dance party
25 March - Departure

Welcome to stay with us longer, message u for information


$575 camping | $680 shared | $890 single private
$1460 private couple ($715 each)