Over the Rainbow

    15th March 2021 - 23rd March 2021
    An Equinox celebration of Sacred Medicine and Music
    We gather in the Forest, to become weaved into one heart. Our intention is harmonize with Nature and discover more keys to our own happiness. Just as gracefully as the seasons change, we honor this time of the Equinox and welcome transformation into our lives.
    Ceremony Schedule:

    Join us in the Forest for this celebratory retreat of Sacred Music and Medicine during the Equinox of 2021! Within 1 week we will partake in 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, share a lot of special time together in Nature and deepen our intention as we go through our journey. Come to the tranquility of our beautiful Forest Sanctuary and have the opportunity to make meaningful new friendships

    Join the magical ride as we go Over the Rainbow!

    Mon 15 - Arrival and welcome
    Tue 16 - Morning meditation, waterfall hike, sacred song circle
    Wed 17 - Ayahuasca Meditation Ceremony
    Thu 18 - Ayahuasca Day Ceremony
    Fri 19 - Integration and rest, sharing circle, afternoon meditation
    Sat 20, Sun 21 - Equinox Ayahuasca Ceremonies
    Mon 22 - Sharing and Integration circle
    Tue 23 - love, hugs and departure

    Shared accommodations $820
    Private Single $1020
    Private couple $1800
    Camping $700

    Prices are in USD and include 8 nights accommodation, vegetarian meals and 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

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      SOL Circle hosts sacred plant medicine retreats in the jungle of Costa Rica. We have a beautiful hosting center, embraced by the forest and blessed with pure waters. We live here as a heart-centered community by the principles of truth, simplicity and love. We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you through your Ayahuasca experience. Many retreats also include sweat lodge purification ceremonies with San Pedro. Our retreats offer the opportunity for a transformative getaway, a spiritual self-awakening and healing for your mind, body and soul.