River Of Light

6th May 2020 - 13th May 2020
Washing our soul in the sacred waters of the stars
Welcoming you to come explore, play and dance in the forest of your Soul and dive into the sacred waters of the River of Light flowing freely from the Divine Fountain of the Life to purify, rejuvenate and nourish your being. With the consciousness of the Sacred Medicine Plants, Mother Nature and the power of our intentions we will be supported upon this journey of self exploration and divine reconnection.
Ceremony Schedule:
Wednesday, May 6 - Arrival and Welcome
Thursday, May 7 - Spoon Protocol morning meditation, Waterfall hike
Friday, May 8 - Spoon Protocol morning meditation, Medicine Wheel workshop, Ayahuasca Ceremony
Saturday, May 9 - Sharing circle
Sunday, May 10 - Ayahuasca Day Ceremony
Monday, May 11 - Sweatlodge Ceremony with San Pedro
Tuesday, May 12 - Integration day
Wednesday, May 13 - Departure day

Shared Room - $680 USD
Private (1 person) - $880 USD
Shared Private - $1480 ($740 USD each)
Camping (Bring your own camping gear) - $570 USD

Includes 6 nights accommodation, all ceremonies, meditation program and workshops as well as daily vegetarian meals.