SOL Immersive

11th June 2020 - 12th July 2020
Immersive yourself into the forest community and SOL Medicine way
Are you ready for a bigger shift in consciousness and fully integrating new ways of being, breathing and connectivity in your life? Join us in the forest for a 1 month immersive program where we will explore, study and integrate the Sound of Light medicine way through sacred teachings, ceremonies and community life.
Ceremony Schedule:

During this immersive program we will hold a variety of workshops, lectures and spirit practices to prepare our vessel for understanding and going deeper into sacred ceremonies and to comprehend the teachings and guidance that are so delicate and valuable for transformation to happen and become a reality in our life walk.

The program will hold 4 main sections, each devoted to a different spiritual school that forms the foundation of SOL Astral School of Joy and Transformation. We have designed the program as a journey that will take us through these spirit modules, gathering insight and self-development tools to finally arrive to our aspirant destination, the sacred place of the heart, where truth, harmony and infinite love reside..

11-12 June - Welcome and orientation
These days are for climatizing to the community and will include sharing circles, personal meetings, program overview, land hikes and learning about the medicine plants

13-23 June - Solstice Feitio and spoon protocol
On certain mornings we will have morning meditations accompanied by a spoon of medicine at the river.
Together we all be involved in the process of cooking the sacred brew, this includes harvesting and preparation of the plants before they are cooked.. This is a sacred work of intention and love, karma yoga, and a beautiful way of connecting directly to the medicine, and for many it is a way of returning their gratitude..
15 June - Ceremony
19 June - Sweatlodge
21 June - Solstice Ceremony

24-28 June - Forces of Nature
Exploring the qualities of nature as they reflect in our being, teaching us the way to invoke these forces to bring clearance, strength and guidance to our lives.
26 June - Day Ceremony

29 June - 3 July - Vision Quest
This is one of our deepest journeys with the Sacred Medicine. We will venture down to our river and stay there, sleeping around the fire, in silent introspection as we drink the Ayahuasca throughout the day time and each person will have their own place in the forest where they will pass their process of self-discovery and individually commune with the forest.

6-10 July Fire Temple
This will be our last section of self-attunement. Here we will integrate our experience in the yogi-way. Daily practices of fire service, karma-yoga, teachings and a ceremony in the Fire Temple to finally consecrate our inner fire with the One.
8 July - Ceremony at the Fire Temple

For our final days together we will come together in circle to share about our experiences one more time and reflect on our growth and receive the guidance for the way ahead.
A final celebration will be held in a fantastic dinner and dance party
Choose between camping, shared cabin or private cabin