Solstice Feitio 10-23 Dec

10th December 2019 - 23rd December 2019
As the Solstice portal opens, we will be cooking the Sacred Medicine in the Forest
Join us for the Feitio, as together we harvest the sacred plants that grow on our land and work together to prepare the divine nectar of Ayahuasca. This retreat offers an abundance of gifts to those that attend. It is an act of giving from which we receive For some the process of helping to cook the medicine offers the opportunity to ‘give back’ for all the wonder they have received. For those that are new to the Medicine it gives the chance to connect deeper with the plants and the medicine path before drinking. The Feitio is the traditional Santo Daime method of preparing Ayahuasca. It is a process of 10 days. It is a beautiful communal collaboration as we all work together to realize this medicine from beginning to end, offering our prayers, blessings and deepest intentions for our global transformation to be realized into the brew and then…enjoy the opportunity to drink from the brew that we make.… If you would like to learn and are willing to help with the preparations of the plants, please write to us and inquire about joining!
Ceremony Schedule:
Dec 10 - Arrival and Welcome
Dec 11 - 12 - Harvest and Preparation, Cooking begins
Dec 13 - Ayahuasca Meditation Ceremony
Dec 14 - Ayahuasca Ceremony
Dec 15 - Ayahuasca Ceremony
Dec 16 - 19 - Continue Cooking and preparations
Dec 20 - Ayahuasca Ceremony
Dec 21 - Ayahuasca Ceremony
Dec 22 - Sharing and Integration Circle
Dec 23 - Departures


Shared accommodations $1240
Private Single $1690
Private couple $2780 ($1390 each)
Camping $1015

Prices include 13 nights accommodation, vegetarian meals, 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, 1 Ayahuasca Meditation and Yoga program