Vision Quest

29th January 2020 - 10th February 2020
Our deepest immersion into the Spirit realm for profound healing and self-discovery
Reaching deep within to find Truth and receive Healing. Those brave and humble enough to hear the calling will spend four days and nights with us in silence at the riverside in solitude in the sacred space of the Vision Quest. With ceremonies to open and close the Vision Quest and a Sweat Lodge for purification, each evening of the Quest itself will end with powerful song circles by the fire to bring integration for all that has passed. Receive the teachings, healings and activations that your soul is calling for as you rise up to new heights of Truth and Harmony within - and for this, the time is Now. This Quest is for those with strong dedication and is not for the faint-hearted.
Ceremony Schedule:

This retreat is an all-encompassing journey, as we meet one another and the Medicine in the first Ceremony and set our intentions. We then move down to the Quest camp beside the River where we stay for 4 days in silence. Each participant has their personal space for questing and there is a central fire that stays lit during the whole quest. Participants drink different kinds of Ayahuasca all throughout the day. There are helpers available. In the evenings the circle gathers around the fire to sing medicine songs and integrate the day. The whole quest is held without speaking. We end the river quest by going through the Sweatlodge purification ceremony at sunrise and then return to the Retreat Center and the accommodations to rest, integrate and eat well. The final ceremony is very important in wrapping up the journey of the quest and is a part of the integration process.

This retreat requires full commitment.

Early bird pricing extended till Oct 10, 2019:

Shared accommodations $1380
Private room single $1740
Private room for a couple $2880 ($1440 each)
Camping $1200

These prices include 12 nights accommodation, meals and the whole program with the ceremonies, Vision Quest, yoga sessions and Sweat Lodge with San Pedro