Ayahuasca Retreats

SOL Circle hosts sacred plant medicine retreats in the jungle of Costa Rica. We have a beautiful hosting center, embraced by the forest and blessed with pure waters. We live here as a heart-centered community by the principles of truth, simplicity and love. We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you through your Ayahuasca experience. Many retreats also include sweat lodge purification ceremonies with San Pedro. Our retreats offer the opportunity for a transformative getaway, a spiritual self-awakening and healing for your mind, body and soul.

Seed of Life Retreat
13th August 2019 - 20th August 2019
We join together as we are nurtured and healed with the power of mother earth.
SOL on Tour – Europe
17th September 2019 - 29th September 2019
Join us for healing as we circle together over 2 weekends in Europe
Equinox 2019
21st September 2019 - 22nd September 2019
Solstice Feitio 10-23 Dec
10th December 2019 - 23rd December 2019
As the Solstice portal opens, we will be cooking the Sacred Medicine in the Forest
Festival of Light
23rd December 2019 - 28th December 2019
Celebrate the season in sacred ceremony. Come and join us for a warm December in the Forest!
New Year Retreat 2019
28th December 2019 - 2nd January 2020
Experience the transition of the Solar year during this intentional retreat
Vision Quest
29th January 2020 - 10th February 2020
Our deepest immersion into the Spirit realm for profound healing and self-discovery
Over the Rainbow 2020
16th March 2020 - 26th March 2020
Join us for this magical Equinox celebration as we travel across a rainbow of music and medicine. After the success of last years event, Vismay returns from retirement to serve and celebrate with us.

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