Ayahuasca Retreats

SOL Circle hosts sacred plant medicine retreats in the jungle of Costa Rica. We have a beautiful hosting center, embraced by the forest and blessed with pure waters. We live here as a heart-centered community by the principles of truth, simplicity and love. We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you through your Ayahuasca experience. Many retreats also include sweat lodge purification ceremonies with San Pedro. Our retreats offer the opportunity for a transformative getaway, a spiritual self-awakening and healing for your mind, body and soul.

Over the Rainbow
18th March 2019 - 25th March 2019
A celebration of Sacred Medicine and Music for Vismay's final retreat
Yoga Teacher Training
1st April 2019 - 20th April 2019
Join Molly Warner and the Soul Ascension Shamanic Empowerment Team for your 200-hour Yoga Alliance Destination Yoga Teacher Training
Ancient Wisdom – Yoga Retreat & Ancient Medicine Teachings with Sweat Lodge
5th April 2019 - 9th April 2019
Join us for this powerful healing and learning seminar, mixing the ancient teachings of Yoga with the deep wisdom of the Sweat Lodge and Medicine Wheel to find more guidance, direction and Truth.
Yogawaska Seminar
10th April 2019 - 15th April 2019
The Soul Ascension Shamanic Empowerment Team join cosmic forces with the Sound of Light Circle to create a seminar of deep healing, learning and growing.
Honeycomb Retreat
10th May 2019 - 16th May 2019
Harvesting our intentions to create sweet truth
Elements Dance
20th May 2019 - 28th May 2019
Exploring the 4 Sacred Elements of Water, Fire, Air and Earth through our experiential journey with the Sacred Medicines
River of Light
5th June 2019 - 10th June 2019
Flowing with the River of Light into the Ocean of Wonder and Mystery
Summer Solstice Feitio
12th June 2019 - 24th June 2019
Come and be a part of this magical alchemy as we honor the power of Solstice and brew the Sacred Medicine of the Forest.
Rising In Love
1st July 2019 - 10th July 2019
Learning to Walk in Beauty through love, compassion, forgiveness and with faith
Astral Gateway
25th July 2019 - 30th July 2019
Discover the true vibrational energy of the Universe

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