Food We Serve at Our Center

Our food circles are a very special to us, as it offers a moment for us to come together, pause and be in gratitude for life, the food, the earth and one another.

The food

In our endeavor to eat a clean healthy and organic vegetarian diet we grow and produce some of our own food, the rest is sourced from local markets.

Our diet consists of a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, grains and legumes. Occasionally we serve eggs and sometimes beyond ceremony time we will have a special meal that may include dairy.

Generally our meals adhere to dietary requirements for ceremony. We change and omit certain ingredients accordingly.

We share three daily food circles, the food is often cooked by our volunteers and community members leading to constant diversity as people are always bringing their own traditions and special recipes.

We try our best to serve people with special dietary requirements, please help us by making us aware of your needs.

Our land provides us so far with greens, sweet potatoes, yuca roots, nyampi, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and pumpkin, pineapples, anona, plantains and the most delicious bananas.

“We are circling, circling together, this is family, this is unity, this is celebration, this is sacred”.

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SOL Circle hosts sacred plant medicine retreats in the jungle of Costa Rica. We have a beautiful hosting center, embraced by the forest and blessed with pure waters. We live here as a heart-centered community by the principles of truth, simplicity and love. We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you through your Ayahuasca experience. Many retreats also include sweat lodge purification ceremonies with San Pedro. Our retreats offer the opportunity for a transformative getaway, a spiritual self-awakening and healing for your mind, body and soul.