Sound of Light Apprentice Program


Registration is now open for the 2021
Sound of Light Apprentice Program at Florestral

After an incredible first two courses and intensive camp in 2019, a third course held in 2020, we are thrilled to announce that we will continue to share, expand and go deeper with the teachings of the forest with the class of 2021.

Registration is now open for next years SAP,
May – July 2021

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Why did we start the Sound of Light Apprenticeship Program?


During our own apprenticeship it was mostly hands on. We received little explanations from our teachers and learned first through service and then later through facilitating hundreds of ceremonies and meeting and holding space for thousands of people, each one unique and a true reflection and lesson in their experience. Vismay was also sent by spirit for a sound engineering study where he learned about sound and applied the sound physics and psychoacoustic (the science of how we hear) into his studies.


We feel that we acquired so much knowledge during the years and that these days, when so many are exposed to the magic of the medicine world, this knowledge that we have can help those who are ready to experience the sacred spirit and possibly begin to facilitate in a safe and profound way. Our other reason for doing it is the understanding that it is time to open our center for more facilitators and groups , beyond what the 2 of us can facilitate alone and so we wish to create a team of facilitators for Florestral and SOL world wide events.

Who is The Sound of Light Apprenticeship Program for?


The Sound Of Light Apprenticeship Program is aimed to give each participant the knowledge of astral navigation in the outer dimensions and inner realms and the tools to facilitate sacred space for others. It is ideal for those who:

– Wish to facilitate ceremonies on their own, with the SOL medicine circle, or others.

– Want to learn more and go much deeper with the medicine path. Even if you will choose to never facilitate a ceremony for others, the course will give you incredible tools for self elevation, transformation, creativity and abundance. It will deeply connect you to the realm of magic.

Some videos on the
SOL Apprenticeship Program:

Sound of Light Apprenticeship Program Trailer

Apprenticeship Program
– Intro interview with first SAP Class –

Interview with SAP Participant Trevor

Sound Of Light Apprenticeship
First Class Grad Music Video

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