medicine community

Receiving the wisdom of living in harmony to awaken a new level of Consciousness for Humanity
We are learning to walk in balance, to walk with respect, in peace and with love towards all our Relations. The Sacred Medicines gives us healing, courage and strength. Join us for this weekend where we open our minds and hearts to the Medicine of the Eagle and the Condor uniting
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A volunteering retreat to plant new trees
Come plant with us! We have many young fruit trees waiting to spread their roots and branches and we are inviting you to participate in this beautiful yoga of giving to the land. Join us for 8 days in community in a perfect balance of giving and receiving. We will also learn about various plants and trees and using available resources for mulching and compost. This retreat is really for people that want to contribute their energy to planting.
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Opening of the Babaji Fire Temple at Florestral
Celebrate the opening of Florestral’s newest addition, our sacred Temple, built by a global community through our Indiegogo campaign. Join as we honor Karma Yoga, working together to burn off lazy habits and negative energies in this powerful Temple of Fire. Engage in the energy of Light as we sit in ceremony during the portal times of the day, dawn & dusk celebrating Surya Namaskar.
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