new years eve

During December we will plant Chacrunas, go on a Vision Quest in the Forest, celebrate in sacred ceremony the Solstice and welcome in the New Year. Come and join us for a warm December in the Forest!
Join the Medicine Family in the Forest for this auspicious time of year, that is filled with festivities, prayer, intention and transformation. During the month of December we have a large program happening. You are welcoming to join us for all of the festivities or for individual parts. We will work together and learn to prepare the Sacred Brew of Ayahuasca in the Fetio. We will have a Solstice Ayahuasca Ceremony. There will be a 4 day Forest Vision Quest, sweatlodges,a special Kambo Ceremony, and a day Ceremony going into the evening as we move into the new year of 2018!
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