san pedro

Our deepest and profoundest journey with the Sacred Medicine
A personal meeting with the Spirit of the Forest and the realms of beyond. The Vision Quest is our most profound program for a total recall. Join us for a 10-day retreat that includes lodging and good nourishing meals at our Forest Sanctuary, 4 days of Vision Questing with the Ayahuasca plus 2 more ceremonies and a Sweatlodge ceremony. After an initial ceremony in the Temple we go down to our incredible river area where we remain as a group in silence and in consecration of the sacred brew for 4 days. We drink the brew during the days and sleep under the stars. Guided by the Sacred Fire we remain in this constelation of prayer and search for our personal vision, while receiving the healing and consciousness that the Ayahuasca brings. After 4 days we purify ourselves in the Sweatlodge before returning to the community center, new warriors, peace makers, children of the new earth reborn...
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Medicine Ceremonies at the Babaji Fire Temple
We will be holding 2 medicine ceremonies at the new Fire Temple. The Fire Temple will be our new Sacred space for devotion and transformation. We will have our first Medicine Ceremonies in the new Temple. There will be one Ayahuasca Ceremony and one San Pedro Fire Ceremony
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