Ayahuasca Vision Quest


For days before vision quest, the group at Sound of Light had been anticipating the time when we would each find our perch in the forest with nothing but ourselves, water, and the guidance of plant medicine ayahuasca. The solitude and simplicity in nature would stretch us beyond our current relationship with ayahuasca, stripping us down to our essence in more ways than one.

We each found our place along the River Diamante where we would be immersed in nature. My spot was a green womb of palm leaves, shading me from the brightness of the sun, best avoided after drinking the sacred ayahuasca tea grown on the land. We were asked to make ourselves a bed of greenery, perhaps placing a yoga mat on top, and bringing with us the bare minimum needed for existence, leaving behind food, books, and phones. This would be our home for the next 72 hours. Each of us were assigned a helper who stood vigil just down the path, ready to offer support and blessings as needed.

Ayayhuasca vision quest began as a family, encircling the fire, singing and dancing our way into the medicine as we drank the sacred brew. Released to scatter to our private places in the forest, we were asked to avoid speaking to one another, descending into silence. Each found his or her way with the medicine, undulating between soaring ecstasy and the shadowy depths of humanity. Many experienced bonds with the animal and plant kingdom on their journeys — a lizard came regularly to remind me to breathe in the most overwhelming of moments. When the time would come for the next serving of tea, the beating of the drums would call us back to the fire circle, a band of pilgrims weaving their way through the forest to their tribe.

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