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Our Ceremony


We work with the Sacred Medicine brew of Ayahuasca within the container of a sacred and intentionally focused ceremony that combines ritual, song and prayer. Eclectically joining the Eastern teachings of self-awareness with the Shamanic teachings of the jungle creates an alliance between mind, heart and spirit.  Ayahuasca is a spirit-plant, a great healer and teacher that is accelerating the process of our human awakening to a more conscious and loving state, for the good of all beings. We believe that by intentionally and humbly working with Ayahuasca we will improve our life experience.

This doesn’t mean that ayahuasca is a "magical" cure for everybody, every illness or ailment. The power Plant Teacher is able to help us open the doors of perception to understanding and discovery. What we do with these insights is entirely our own decision and responsibility. In the sacred space of the medicine we may receive deep insights into our mystical nature, our inter-connectedness and comprehend the meaning of universal consciousness. The experience can be life-changing. It is important to understand that it is through the practice of constant present awareness that we integrate these experiences into our lives and gradually manifest changes.

The path of awakening can be incredibly proliferate while also challenging as it brings us many lessons and opportunities for transformation. As our consciousness grows, it is joyful and rewarding to see our desired changes gradually manifesting. With trust in our inner voice we will guide our own way into the beyond and every step will be worthwhile.

Ceremony Setting

We invite participants to feel comfortable and relaxed in the space. Before any ceremony begins, practicalities are discussed and personal intentions are shared as a way to integrate everyone into the space. To unify the space, participants are asked to wear white during ceremony. As we sit in circle, men and women sit on opposite sides to create a balance of yin-yang energy. The music guides the journey as we collectively sing throughout the night, with spaces of silence that help us draw deeper into ourselves. We call this the "work", it really means “our spiritual work” for we become active participants in the journey of our own self-transformation within the spiritual container of ceremony. During this “work” we use shamanic practices to call for healing and consciousness, we invite in positive energies that can aid us. We follow certain rituals and traditions, we use crystals, candles and sacred herbs inside the space.

We drink two to three times in a full nights ceremony that is usually divided into four parts. The sacred space is opened and blessed through the invocation of prayer. We sit in circle for the first half of the night; participating in singing and lightly meditate for self observation during moments of silence. The third part can contain a longer period of silence or flow into a specially compiled meditation of universal music. This immersion time is for rest and gives space for entering deeper into their individual and personal process.  The ceremony is closed with giving thanks and prayers in the morning light. We come together again in circle to sing, balance and bring everyone back into union. The closing of the ceremony in the morning draws in a special alchemy that is intended to bring clarity and completion to the process experienced in the night. The ceremony is closed with prayers and thanksgiving.

We don’t work in the total dark. We begin the ceremony with lights being on and then gradually move into candlelight. As the ceremony is guided by live music we may have a sound system in the space to enhance the sound expansion experience, good sound is a very important. The session space is focused around the music that is being created during the night. The experience of the ritual is one that brings oneself closer to one’s essence and the Higher Self. A lot can be received in one night of this work, if the person is open in mind and heart to the experience.

The Ayahuasca can have and may not always have, a profound cleaning effect in the body. This release of energy within us may come out as crying, shaking, laughter, vomit, mild diarrhea. We welcome this cleansing and remind participants to be open for it and not fear or reject it for it is part of the healing process and offers a great opportunity for release for things known or unknown within us. Purification and cleansing of body, mind, and spirit in an ayahuasca ceremony can be the beginning of a process of profound personal and spiritual discovery and transformation. This process may continue and develop, even if one never drinks ayahuasca again. A seed of consciousness gets planted within us.

The Songs


Our songs originate from across the world. Many are from the various Santo Daime communities of the Amazon, Brazil as well as bhajans and mantras from India and songs of the heart received from all over the world. Most of the songs have been received by people who take part in these rituals and connect to its Source. We sing in English, Hebrew, Spanish, Sanskrit and Brazilian Portuguese.

We are not part of any single religion but rather we connect to the Source, as One and we respect the many forms and names it has. Our work has its roots in the Santo Daime tradition, and is a fusion of the shamanic practices of the forest and the eastern teachings of meditation, self-awareness and Divinity. We are guided in this sacred space by the Divine Light, our instruments and our voices acting as our vehicle that navigate us to the astral heights, carrying our intentions, prayers and affirmations.


Care for Everybody

It is our SOL way to be attentive and take good care of participants throughout the night. Our intention is to give a supportive space for individual processes, and parallel, the helpers and facilitators are committed to be present if you need any assistance. During a retreat we always include sharing and integration circles after ceremony. This is a talking circle where we hear about each other’s experience and often this brings the picture of the journey into clearer focus for everyone. 

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