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Our Story


Sound of Light was first envisioned during a journey with the sacred medicine on the Jordan River. The astral gateway opened and gave the allowance for SOL to manifest and be guided by the Great Teacher and Queen of the Forest. Through our work with the Sacred Medicine and helping people, we held the vision of ourselves in a Forest Community, growing the medicine plants, living together in a Medicine way and taking care of our beloved Mother Nature. We are reflecting in ceremony what we experience in life.  We are here to support one another and raise our human frequency higher.

The first incarnation of SOL Circle was born in Israel in 2006.  After being in service and study for 6 years prior in Brazil, India and Europe. We received the allowance and protection from Spirit to share our connection and channeling of the sacred medicine way with others. Together with a beautiful group of friends the SOL Circle gently manifested. For four years we did a lot of very deep and beautiful spiritual work, holding ceremonies twice a month. Then one night during a ceremony, the Forest strongly called out to us, to take a new direction and bring people to the forest. A seed of hope was sown within us and a long-time dream of community was flickering and, understanding the mission, we had to follow.  Costa Rica was to become our new home.

Image by Geoffrey Baumbach

The birth of Florestral


In September 2013, after many unexpected challenges, delays, changes of direction and a lot of surrender and trust, we were drawn to discover and acquire the Land that we were dreaming about.  We immediately began developing the Gateway to the Forest Retreat Center. It was an incredible collaboration of support from funds to friends arriving and pulling together to become the pioneers in this new land. We established the first structures for living and hosting, a greenhouse and a Temple. We planted many fruit trees and slowly rejuvenated the land that was a cattle pasture to become a beautiful garden of life and variety. And alongside this work, we hosted retreats touching many souls and helping just a little bit more to manifest light and truth. Everything coming in from the retreats goes into the land and we are so happy to provide more facilities, beauty, self sufficiency to this Florestral. 



We welcome you to come explore yourself, be vulnerable, get strong and learn to trust and enhance your connection with the Divine.

We also invite enthusiastic, creative and devoted people to join us in the Forest of Costa Rica and get involved in the development of

Florestral – the SOL Transformational Healing Center through our volunteer program.

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