Our Registration Process


We welcome anybody who feels called to work with the Medicine and the registration process begins with a pre-screening questionnaire that will give us more information about you, your intentions with the Medicine and your medical history.


Please be advised that Ayahuasca is not suitable for everybody. Due to certain medical contraindications, psychological or physical, we are sometimes obliged to refuse a booking. We also want to encourage anybody who is dealing with severe traumas or illnesses to always talk with their doctor or therapist about drinking Ayahuasca and to contact us before registering for a retreat, so we can discuss your individual case in detail.

To find out more about these guidelines please email us directly at info@solcircle.org. Regardless, all applicants must fill the pre-screening questionnaire to identify any potential complications and also learn more about you. 

Our Retreats

We have carefully designed a variety of retreats throughout the year, to offer a heartwarming experience to every single soul visiting us here in the forest. Each retreat may have some variation in its program and theme.