Ayahuasca Retreats Overview

We have carefully designed a variety of retreats throughout the year, to offer a heartwarming experience to every single soul visiting us here in the forest. Each retreat is different according to its program, length and theme, some are reoccurring every year and below you will find explicit details.

Vision Quest


What lies behind the curtain? …Who am I?…What is my purpose? Come and quest for the answers that lie in the Beyond, and join us by the river for this intensive and profound journey of consciousness and healing. Not for the faint-hearted, Vision Quest is 10 day retreat of immersion into the medicine and nature. At the heart of the journey the group moves down to a special camp beside the river for 4 - 5 days and nights. Here, we totally immerse ourselves into nature, the sacred medicine of Ayahuasca, the elements and our inner and individual quest.

We are all in silence during these days and nights, each person has their personal and shaded spot in the forest or by the river where they sit during the day. There is the central fire area where the main guide sits. The drinking of the Ayahuasca occurs throughout the day, usually 2 - 3 times, or as needed. The group is summoned to the central fire to receive more medicine and guidance for the process. There are helpers available to assist if needed. There is one evening where the group drinks further into the night. During these days only certain fruits, coconuts and yuca root is eaten. Everyone sleeps around the fire at night.

At the end of this quest at the river, we hold a sunrise sweat lodge ceremony to cleanse, purify, ground and welcome in our newly received vision and intentions. By the guidance of Ayahuasca, SOL Circle developed this unique retreat, for a deeper connection with the Medicine and the forest and fusion of worlds to occur. For each person the experience is unique and this retreat will give you strength and courage.

Feitio Celebration


The Feitio is a Brazilian Santo Daime term for the festival of preparing the brew of Ayahuasca.

Sound of Light Circle has been holding Feitio festivals since establishing its Medicine Center at Florestral forest community in Costa Rica. 

We have created a retreat around the process of cooking that invites people from around the world to come participate in and learn about the process of cooking. The main Feitio festival is held during the December and June Solstice, and sometimes during the Equinox in March and September. 


The tea is prepared ceremoniously for up to 12 days. During the retreat participants partake in all the process of cooking, from harvesting to preparation, tending to the fire, cooking and drinking the brew during its various stages of preparation.  We also hold multiple ceremonies beside the cooking pots through the retreat,  energetically exchanging our prayers and intentions with the steaming pots, a point when the medicine can ‘hear and feel us’ and even enhance the individual’s experience during these special moments. At Florestral we lovingly grow a variety of Ayahuasca Vine and Chacruna, the two components that form the brew.


Participants learn about the different kinds of plants and make contact with them and enjoy the process of harvesting. We then share the process of cleaning and preparing the pieces of vine and the leaves and fill the pots together.  We spend a lot of time together in circle around the brewing, sharing intentions and singing sacred songs. During the retreat we will usually work to prepare the Medicine 2 - 3 times. Once the pots are cooking on the fire, the group partakes in other activities, such as nature hikes, yoga , meditations, group sharing circles and personal quiet time. For some the process of helping to cook the medicine offers the opportunity to ‘give back’ for all the wonder they have received. For those that are new to the Medicine it gives the chance to connect deeper with the plants and the medicine path before drinking.

We are taught to cook the medicine in the way of the Santo Daime, cooking it during Solstice and Equinox. It is a labor of love and devotion and it is so very special to make the brew as community, as we work, sing and pray together throughout the process bringing our united intentions of healing and gratitude into it.

Ring of Fire


Welcoming the group to the SOL Medicine path we will begin our healing journey by purifying ourselves in a sweat lodge ceremony with the San Pedro Medicine. For our first experience with the Ayahuasca we will hold a tribal circle outdoors in the forest around the fire, drumming with the forces of nature deep into the night.


Next will be an afternoon ceremony in the garden, dedicated to the light within and heart opening medicine of the hummingbird, following the path of the sun we will transition into the night experiencing the shift of time together with nature. We will then move to our Daime Temple to hold a traditional all-night SOL ceremony. Throughout the days we will have a yoga and meditation program to support the personal process of each one. We will integrate our journey in the way of the yogi, aligned within our new found truth, we bring our full presence to the holy space of the Fire Temple for our final offering of prayer and song. We invite you to the forest, to feel the force of the earth, cleanse in her waters, open up your wings as you awaken your Phoenix Spirit in the holy fire.



Mahashivratri is the great night of Shiva, celebrating the union of the material and spiritual, it represents the symbolic of the merging of Shiva and Shakti, and is a day of gratitude to Lord Shiva for protecting the world from deadly poison. Shiva is all-encompassing - the universal soul. On this auspicious night, devotees of Shiva stay awake the entire night, performing sacred practices of chanting and mediations and offerings and rejoice in the Shiva energy. This night brings a sense of deep serenity and benevolence and being cosmically aligned, is believed that it’s power elevates our mind to receive transcendental divine consciousness. 

You will celebrate together with us in circle to receive this Divine Energy at our Babaji Fire Temple, where we will hold 2 Sacred Medicine Ceremonies. Together with our Forest Teacher, the sacred Ayahuasca, we infuse this night with more magic, healing and awakening. It is our SOL medicine path that eclectically combines these 2 spirit awakening practices of the yogic teachings of East with the shamanic practices of the jungle. And on this auspicious night we can fully experience this divine union of Shiva and the Queen of the Forest.



We bring elements of the Daime into all our ceremonies and we also hold one traditional Daime work each year. This is the healing work of Padrinho Sebastião, known as the Cura. During this ceremony (trabalho), we all sit in chairs around the central altar and follow the hymnal of the Cura from beginning to end. We hold the ceremony all night and stretch it into 5 parts. Beginning with the Oração, followed by Part 1 and Part 2 of the Cura, we then sing various healing songs from our own song book and dive into a period of rest before closing the ceremony in the morning light by dancing and singing the Cruzerinho from Mestre Irineu.

The Daime is a mystery school, a powerful forest doctrine to which we hold much reverence.

Many of the Daime’s deep teachings can be accessed when person opens their perception to see into their many hidden meanings and symbols. The work of the Cura is a powerful invocation, calling in healing for those present and radiating healing to all the world. Continuously cleansing the mirror of our perception and humbling us to the true power of love and the Christ Consciousness.  We choose to hold this special and powerful work of the Cura, as we deeply feel its potency as a conduit for healing.


What People Say

"No words can express the experience in Florestral, no words for the sacredness of this place and the energy there. The nature, the medicine, Nicole and Vismay and their special kids, the divine singing, and all the energy that is being put into every breath, every little detail of the retreats - its impossible to forget!"

Aleks, Slovenia