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We live and work with a karma yoga approach, this means that we receive and fulfill the work we do each day with devotion and consciously aware that we are offering our work for a greater purpose, this inspires us to give the best we can and thus with the understanding that we are all contributing to the community which in a wider scope is also our greater contribution to life itself. We treat our center as our communal home and invite everyone to care for this space with attention and love.

To join us as a volunteer we will need you first to answer a questionnaire that will be emailed to you upon registration. After which, you need to let us know when is your desired date of arrival and length of stay. Volunteer programs are designated for a minimum of one month stay so we can get to know each other better and as well as to give you enough time to be in the medicine space, learn about plants and immerse as a volunteer. If you feel drawn to live and work with us on the land, and you are both willing and able to contribute in any of the following fields:

kitchen / cooking / cleaning


gardening, green-housing, planting

interior finishing and design (sandpapering, painting, sewing, furniture)

computer related and online work

child-care and education

We divide up work options so everyone can find their place in the circle. We want to have fun working together and continue bringing this joyfulness into the land. The volunteer program includes:

Guided work exchange, projects on the land

Maintaining daily life needs like cooking and cleaning 

Contributing with 4 - 6 hours per day with a day off every week

Weekly group sharing circles

The option to participate in the ceremonies when they are held

 (This is not included in the program price, however is substantially discounted) 

Simple communal set-up, volunteers stay in dorms with other volunteers

Healthy vegetarian and organic meals 

Constant support for each other’s process

An opportunity to connect deeply with nature, unwind and recalibrate your soul, body and mind


Please let us know if you have any specific skills or relevant experience, and in what area(s) you prefer to help out. Also, we would love if you could write a little on why you would like to join us in this way, on your background, and whether or not you are interested in participating in the plant medicine ceremonies or any other related ceremonies.


The cost for this program is $500 per month + 5 hours of energy exchange/per day, with 1 day off per week.

This price includes a place to stay in a shared accommodation at our retreat center as well as all meals.
Prices for Ceremonies are $90 and sweat lodges $40 and this is not included: in the monthly pay. 

We also have discounted rates for 2 or 3 month commitments. Email us for more information regarding this option 

After we receive your answers, we will send you a confirmation for your volunteer program request and participation in ceremonies, as well as detailed information about all the practicalities regarding joining us here in the forest. For us to host, live and work in harmony together we ask you to please keep in mind that volunteers are required to fulfill the hours that they have committed to.
Thank you for wanting to share your energy and light with us!


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To register, please fill out the information below.
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