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SOL Sangha

February 8 - 22, 2024
February 23 - March 6, 2024

We invite you to co-create the Sangha

Join us for a two week immersion of community, medicine and karma yoga, uniting the family from all corners of the earth in our forest sanctuary. 

We gather to affirm our path and strengthen our connection to one another and pachamama



  1. "community", “collection” or “assemblage,”

  2. a group of people living together for a spiritual purpose

ganesha sharanam.HEIC

The Sangha of SOL

You are here because you are a part of world wide community of good hearted people, searching for deeper truths and meaningful connection.

We invite you to join a 2 week immersion in Florestral, with a new format designed to support our growth, one that goes beyond being a retreat based on receiving, and expands our state of awareness towards accelerating self-growth and service towards the greater community.


The time has arrived for us to go deeper into the practices of truth simplicity and love, to honestly measure the value we are giving to the lessons we have already received, and to define what we are longing to integrate into our lives,

It is time for us to strengthen our spiritual muscle, so that we can live in greater harmony on this earth and create more authentically in our lives and the lives of others.


Connection and Community

Our goal is to live as one. Each individual working toward the same goal, as guardians of the earth, as stewards of this land, as caretakers of one another. 


Integration and Grounding

Medicine is only the beginning of the work we are doing. What we do with the lessons we learn, and how we bring that magic back into our every day is the practice that will keep us aligned. 


Deepening Studies

The path we are on is neverending. The journey is the destination. Through deeper studies of music, voice, and meditation, we strengthen ourselves to humbly move on this path with grace.

A new way to connect

After pausing for reflection, we at SOL circle want to offer a new format for those able and wishing to come to Florestral during next year and study deeper with us.

It is important for us to appreciate and to give greater value to our time spent together.

We wish to collectively elevate our gathering towards a spiritual assembly.

With the focus is on what is so close to our heart and so needed in this world - community. The practice of becoming unified in our intention through collaboration.


Come join us and be part of the Sound of Light Sangha.

Everyday we will focus on spiritual practices, musical studies and expression, health and wellness, participate in karma yoga to give grounding to our spiritual work,  improve our human relating and grow our self awareness while strengthening our compassion.


The moment to sit in Ceremony with the Ayahuasca will arrive to us half way through our time together, once we are grounded in our being, feeling clear and connected with eachother and  have a deeper understanding and reverence towards the power of the circle, the songs, and the significance of the collective work we are doing.

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