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Nicole Netaya

Co-Founder, Facilitator and Mama

Nicole Netaya, born in South Africa, devotes her energy to holding and honoring the Sacred Space of Ceremony and Spirit. With motherly love she watches over participants and intuitively assists  them when needed. She offers her being as a channel for divine light and when called for, works with incorporation. She has a deep love for the Forest and the Spirit of Ayahuasca, already 20 years of her life devoted to the Medicine Path, she holds a lot of respect for ritual and the sacredness of ceremonial work. Bringing her own unique medicine of healing and guidance through song , prayer and presence;  Nicole cherishes the union felt in circle.

Vismay Amrit

Founder and Main Facilitator

Born in Israel and left the conventional path at a young age to pursue a higher state of existence, Vismay has lived and studied in India for 6 years before meeting the great plant teacher Ayahuasca and moving to Brazil to go deep into the medicine world. \After 6 years of study, the call arrived to share the knowledge and magic and since 2006 Vismay has been facilitating ceremonies around the world, creating the Sound of Light global circle. With over 20 years, 1000 ceremonies worth of experience and a passion for the sacred healing sound, Vismay bridges the Synergy between the Shaman and the Yogi, where the fire of the soul meets the astral realms.

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Our Journey

Vismay and Nicole were then called to start serving the medicine in Israel in 2006, hosting over a hundred ceremonies. Together they decided to bring their family, studies, vision and service back to the jungle; where Ayahuasca calls its home. In 2009 they moved with their children to the forest of Costa Rica and with the help of many, a medicine community was established. They continue to grow and cook the medicine plants, practicing Karma Yoga and following the path of human development.

Vismay is passionate about creative healing sacred sound. Connected to todays reality and using technologic innovations to serve the spirit and healing. With an active sacred music channel, many students and a call for the spirit revolution, Vismay has inspired so many people around the towards the path of healing and freedom. With a background in sound engineering & design studies, a synergy of science and spirit guide him to create the space of Nada-Brahma (sacred creation through sound) in every ceremony. 

They both are intuitive guides, facilitators, teachers, connected with Spirit and have been working with the sacred medicine plants for two decades. They love celebration, and bring this energy into ceremony; celebrating health, cleansing, forgiving our past and the discovering of a new self. A celebration of love, family, and the sacred circle.

Vismay and Nicole work within the structures and teachings of the Santo Daime, a church formed by Mestre Irineu in Brazil. Combining the teachings of Babaji and Ayahuasca the great Teacher and Healer herself, they hold a beautiful space of self-reflection and healing. 


In prayer, Together

Vismay and Nicole are devoted to the awakening of our Newmanity, holding ceremony together and separately, each bringing their connection and medicine to the space. In addition, trusted helpers aid participants and create a space of safety for the exploration.

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