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SOL Apprenticeship Program

This program is envisioned and designed to give each student the knowledge of astral navigation in the outer dimensions and inner realms along with the tools to facilitate sacred space for others and includes two stages: Study Semester Program and the Intensive Camp. The course will be a total immersion into the forest way of life alongside the study program. The study program covers an array of subjects that will be taught both theoretically during 3 days of the week and practically during ceremonies. Participants will attend around 18 ceremonies during this period. Each participant will also receive personal guidance with Vismay and Nicole.

Time will be devoted to connecting and caring for the medicine plants, self-reflection and integration and very importantly, practice and study of sacred songs, music and other exercises, as well as ‘homework’ that will be needed to be done between lessons, mainly for music and studio practice.

Those who accomplish the study semester program will then qualify for the SOL apprenticeship program intensive camp, which will be 16 days of advanced and hands on studies and practice, including a special facilitator vision quest, all to establish a core connection. 

The course requires a full commitment to the 3 month program and participants can choose between camping, shared or private room.

Why you should Apply

You wish to facilitate ceremonies on your own, with the SOL medicine circle, or with others.

You want to learn more and go much deeper with the medicine path.

You have a natural calling towards spiritual music and creation of it.

You are drawn to holistic healing methods and ancient wisdom.

Even if you will choose to never facilitate a ceremony for others, the course will give you incredible tools for self elevation, transformation, creativity, abundance and it will deeply connect you to the realm of magic.

There will also be room for questions or requests for special subjects. Some of you may be attracted to go into some fields of studies more deeply, and that will be available in the personal study time with Nicole / Vismay. Alongside the ‘regular’ teaching methods, we will also practice some more advanced methods to bring all the participants to the required level of trust, flow and power, regardless of settings and comfort zones.

What will you Learn

We will cover the many aspects of the medicine work, including these subjects and more:

  • Holding ceremonies

  • Astral world and time

  • Navigation basics

  • Understanding of light as sound

  • Quantum reflections

  • Special invocations, working with intention

  • How to "see" the circle and hold space

  • Serving the medicine

  • Healing sound theory & applications

  • Music practice & theory

  • Choosing songs, receiving guidance

  • Music as intentional power generator

  • Medicine cooking

  • Ceremony flow, from opening to closing

  • Portals and their meaning

  • The medicine in a psychological point of view

  • Understanding our mind

  • Working with special cases

  • Administration and care for participants

  • Preparing for ceremony

  • Post ceremony integration

  • Working with elements

  • Vision quest

  • Sweat lodge

  • Channeling messages

  • The Orixa school

  • The concept of Karma Yoga

  • Personal healing

  • Yin & Yang in sacred work

  • Masters, spiritual guides, angels

  • Smudging and energetic cleansing

  • Self-care as a facilitator

  • Working with helpers

  • History of Santo Daime


"The “call” to do this work came into my life at the most perfect time. I was questioning the decade long career I’ve had in farming, is there more to this life, how can I create more impactful connections with the earth and all living beings, how best to share the skills I already have and so much existential life crisis. I didn’t know it at the time but I was definitely heading into this direction, the medicine way as I roam through the books I had in my possession as I pack my bags.  I held the thought in my mind that I had the most incredible experience and beautiful relationship with Mother Ayahuasca with my very first ceremony. This ceremony changed me. And I wanted to dive even deeper. Even just the thought to have time in the forest to heal, do the hard work from within, cleansing, filtering, emptying, refilling and doing it all over again until all that was left...was love, it was enough. The course load was intense though I remained a sponge for the most part. Yearning for more even when it was challenging me at my best and my very worst. From the music classes (guitar, percussions, Portuguese pronunciations), back to back to back ceremonies, vision quests, group dynamics, and all this set in living in a forest community. Three months and a 2 week intensive a couple months later. Many layers of myself was shown, peeled, grown and done all over again. I learned to listen to the forest. The many teachings it unconditionally provide for anyone who seeks it. Helping us to bring ourselves back home whenever we have lost our way. Full surrender with a wide open heart."

MELCHOR - SAP Class 2019


To register, please fill out the information below to receive more details or prices.
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