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Medicine Retreat Season is about to begin!

After a period of integration and some renovations at our Forest Sanctuary, we are seeing the upcoming season appearing, just on the horizon as December approaches.

And we are very much looking forward to welcoming people from around the world once again to our circle, to our home and to our hearts.

Each retreat offers us the opportunity to welcome and hold space for individuals seeking self transformation and connection. It is an honor and a joy to do this work. To see and feel new friendships being made, realizations being received and people’s hearts simply opening to love, to music, to nature, to themselves.

We strive to offer a space that is perceptive, intuitive and supportive.

Welcome to reach out to us via email and discuss your interest in any of our retreat offerings.

We all want to feel alive and connect deeper to our purpose!

We bless Mother Nature for providing this incredible Medicine that can heal, awaken and revitalize us!


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