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Uniting in Intention as we bless the Sacred Brewing

“Feitio” means “the bringing into form”, it is a term coming from Brazil, used by the Santo Daime Tradition, to name the process of making the Amazonian Brew of Ayahuasca.

The entire process is a Consecration.

During the time of the Feitio, the hands, hearts and good intentions of the community are collected, to celebrate through hard work and devotion, the step by step process that includes the harvest, the preparation, and the cooking, of what truly is, a Sacred Sacrament.

We honor the tradition of the Daime Doctrine and we are constantly integrating the many valuable teachings of humility, respect, harmony and love into our Sound of Light Medicine Path.

And so the time of Brewing calls us to unite in intention, through collective work, song and presence, to offer our blessings for a good manifestation.

Each step is reverently done, from the harvest of the Vine and Leaves, to their sacred union with the Water and the Fire.

For those helping it is a beautiful opportunity to connect directly with the Plants and Medicine Ayahuasca.


It is a time that we offer ourselves in service, motivated by the understanding that what we are creating is serving the awakening, healing, and transformation of our brothers and sisters in this world. We see it as an act of karma yoga.

The area of the cooking is a sacred space, for while the Medicine is brewing, we feel that Spirit is present and listening and our prayers are flowing into the brew, merging within the alchemical crystallization of Consciousness that each drop contains.

And so, actions, thoughts and language are kept intentional in this space.

Every Feitio requires a commitment of dedication and stamina, for the Fire may be burning for over a week, and each day the pots require unwavering attention. Fire Keeping is a skill not taken for granted!

Let us all bless the hands and hearts of all who help prepare the Medicine.

And as every Feitio brings its own mystery and magic, each Brew contains it’s own unique essence, which is revealed to us during the process of cooking and in each ceremony.

And it is incredible for the Land provides us with everything we need; nourishing the plants that grow amongst us in tune with our hearts, the fresh pure water for the pots and the wood for the fire, a portal to the starfilled sky’s blessings and the constant singing praises of nature..

We are grateful for this opportunity to be so close to the Sacred Plants and collectively create the Holy Medicine. This gratitude, love and reverence is felt and recognized by those that come to receive from this Brew.

Viva Feitio!


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