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You are invited to the journey of returning Home

“From Nature we learn the secrets of our being”

It is valuable to remember that Ayahuasca comes from the Earth, this incredible medicine with its potential to heal, to transmit consciousness to us, to help bring transformation to our lives.

Ayahuasca is created from plants that have grown in the soil of our Earth and have been touched by the elements of our planet.

By acquainting ourselves to Plant Medicine, we are reacquainting ourselves to Earth Wisdom.

This ancient thriving entity, constantly evolving and always maintaining harmony within the constant cycles of life, death and rebirth.

We certainly have a lot to remember, and the simplest and most profound lesson is that All is One, One is All.

Within the realm of plants, everything is interconnected in the great network of Existence.

Plant Medicine will attune us to this sense of connectivity with all of life.

This includes everything from the insects to our families, the stones to the stars.

The journey of healing and reinventing our relationships to our self, our family members, people of the world, spirituality, nature, will begin.

The Earth feels us, and is calling us through the Plant Medicines to return home.

The home of the pulsing heart of Creation.

Once we return to a natural sense of being, there will be more peace and health on our Planet.

We are all invited to participate in this journey.


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