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Sound of Light

Sacred Medicine Circle

Truth, Simplicity, Love


A home for healing 

Sound of Light is a sacred medicine circle that facilitates healing ceremonies with visionary medicinal plants. Our retreat center is located in the Costa Rican Forest, a welcoming sanctuary abundant in nature which supports as a profound ground for healing, self-transformation and a deeper discovery of love.

Awaken Your Mind

Open the doors of perception to understanding and discovery. Receive deep insights into your mystical nature and comprehend the meaning of universal consciousness.

Nourish Your Body

Become aware of the positive and nurturing opportunities that are available through body awareness, healthy food, nature and in the same time respecting the own inner wisdom.

Free Your Soul

Connect to the Universe and to our Divine Source, allow the sacred medicine to help guide your awakening. With trust in your inner voice together we light and sing the way into the Beyond.

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Ayahuasca Retreats

We work with the Sacred Medicine brew of Ayahuasca with intentionally focused Ceremonies that combines ritual, song and prayer. Our retreats include multiple ceremonies and various plant medicines, meditation and yoga practices, healthy food and integrative work to enhance each participant's journey and experience.

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Sacred Sound

Music is the language of the soul. Through our song we collectively pray, call, release and affirm the intentions of our pure hearts. These songs are offering us guidance not just in ceremonies but also in life and they are tools for realigning ourselves with Truth.


Our Community

Through our work with the Sacred Medicine, we received the vision of building a Forest Community. The beautiful land that is home to our Retreat center and growing community is tucked away in a special valley below a great green mountain of Costa Rica's abundant forest. 

Join our Volunteering Program

Volunteering is a special balance of giving and receiving. We live and work with a karma yoga approach, this means that we receive and fulfill the work we do each day with devotion and consciously aware that we are offering our work for a greater purpose.

Enroll to our SAP Program

Registrations for 2021 Student Apprentice Program (SAP) class are now open! The program is aimed to give each participant the knowledge of astral navigation inner and outer, together with tools to facilitate sacred space for others and includes study and the Intensive Camp. 

What People Say

"Nothing can be achieved without knowledge and yet everything can be achieved just through a pure heart"

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