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Join us for our
SOL Sangha this June!

We had such an amazing experience with our first two rounds of the SOL Sangha that we are so excited to announce we will be having two more rounds this June!

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Come stay with us this March & April!

Florestral is offering a Bed & Breakfast experience during the months of March & April and we would love to have you join us!

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Sacred Sound

Music is the language of the soul. Through our song we collectively pray, call, release and affirm the intentions of our pure hearts. These songs are offering us guidance not just in ceremonies but also in life and they are tools for realigning ourselves with Truth.

Sol Circle

We are currently in a renovation stage of redesigning how we hold space for people’s growth.


Since 2012 our center has welcomed people from all over the world, in all stages of spiritual growth and healing.  We have been dedicated to serving all who came looking for healing, connection and expansion. 

Over the years our space holding and retreats style has been consistently evolving.


We see through the flow, release and return of many participants, how hard it is to sustain the meaning of all that a person receives in their ceremonial experiences once they integrate back into whichever form of environment they live in. 

Bringing not only the experience but also the teachings home and creating sustainable changes or maintaining positive vibrations, or even knowing which direction to take, is difficult to tend to within a high demand and distractive environment. 

And all too often, people fall back into habits that don’t serve them, or they are not able to flourish.


We have come to understand that this is partly because the experience in ceremony is so profound, it can be too much to absorb or too abstract to comprehend.

The vessel is actually not ready. 

The mind is too busy and attached. 

The heart is controlled by desire.


These days Ayahuasca ceremony participation is as common as yoga classes.

And access to ceremony is an open opportunity that doesn’t require a person to firstly delve deeply into self inquiry, consider set and setting, or prepare their lifestyle for a life changing experience. This leads also to a lot of expectations, which are desires, and these naturally influence the stream of information exchange that occurs between the Plants and the participant.


People want to be on the receiving end. Humans have been trained to expect, get what we paid for, take what we want, find the easy route.

These attitudes are draining our resources, destroying the environment and making people stupid, lazy and incapable of creating a paradigm shift.


Our intention since we began working with Plant Medicine has always been to live in  community. It is in community that we can authentically perceive and reflect upon our human nature and help evolve our state of consciousness. 

This is greatly supported through collaboration, karma yoga (the act of working selflessly to contribute to the greater good), spiritual practices, nurturing physical well being, gaining trust in others and becoming accountable, connecting with nature, accessing self expression, musical studies.


We believe that the practice of all these aspects can provide a good remedy for healing our ill human conditionings.


We are redirecting the focus of our Center to be upon this study. 

How can we learn the art of living in harmony, 

how do we access our own spiritual wisdom, 

how can we heal our relationships , 

how can we purify our hearts and maintain states of compassion 

how do we give back and not just consume, 

How can we create a sustainable life for ourselves and future generations


For the next year of 2024 SOL will be offering and developing this new style of teaching and study.


We have decided that for this year we will not be receiving new people , we can only receive those that have stayed and participated in retreats with us in the past and are in such a way already familiar with the setting of our container.


Participation in Living the Teachings or what we are calling the Sangha of SOL, will still require answering a questionnaire through our email platform as we want people on board with clarity, motivation and dedication.


If you visited us here today and are new quester and would like to receive some recommendations of other centers that you can go to, you are welcome to email us with this inquiry.

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