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Registrations for 2021 Student Apprentice Program (SAP) class are now open!

The program is aimed to give each participant the knowledge of astral navigation in the outer dimensions and inner realms and the tools to facilitate sacred space for others and includes two stages: Study Semester Program and the Intensive Camp.

The course will be a total immersion into the forest way of life alongside the study program. The study program covers an array of subjects that will be taught both theoretically during 3 days of the week and practically during ceremonies. Participants will attend around 18 ceremonies during this period. Each participant will also receive personal guidance with Vismay and Nicole.

SAP program is ideal for you if:

  • You wish to facilitate ceremonies on their own, with the SOL medicine circle, or others.

  • You want to learn more and go much deeper with the medicine path. Even if you will choose to never facilitate a ceremony for others, the course will give you incredible tools for self-elevation, transformation, creativity and abundance. It will deeply connect you to the realm of magic.

  • You have a natural calling towards spiritual music and creation of it.

  • You are drawn to holistic healing methods and ancient wisdom.

If you are interested in finding more information about the upcoming SAP class please email us at


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