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"Shiva Guruve" from "Ring of Fire" album

This song is a song of worship to several of the Hindu deities. Guru Brahma, the Lord of Creation; Guru Vishnu, the Lord of Preservation; Guru Deva Maheshwara is Shiva, or the Lord of Destruction and Transformation; and Guru Sakshat Parabrahma is the supreme God, or Almighty. Shiva Shambo is a powerful mantra we sing often when lighting the sacred fire to empower it with our intentions.

First came the song Shiva Shambo, the ancient and sacred fire mantra. Vismay was strongly compelled to record it, and the entire track began with him playing it on the Hang drum. It became such a beautiful track that a score of artists wanted to collaborate on it.

The other melody was first recorded live in the studio and melded seamlessly with the existing mantra. The idea really caught on, and through work and evolution the meeting of the two beautiful mantras resulted in a single rhythmic track.

Mantras are sounds or vibrations that create a healing and transformative effect, filled with loving energy and intention. Our latest album pre-release "Ring of Fire" is a journey of sacred sounds blending a variety of styles, with the intention to invite any listener to experience an uplifting, meditative and complete state of being. We have released several songs already and we continue to work hard to complete the album very soon!

Have a listen and if you feel, join us on our journey!

Featuring Tamar Chess (lead vocals), Nicole Netaya (vocals) Annabel Lemke (violin), Oren, Oran, Ariel (choir), Jimmy Tree (bass), Vismay (vocals, hang drum, drums, production).


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