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Volunteer and become part of the family this upcoming Medicine Season

Volunteering at Florestral with SOL Circle is a special opportunity to experience active community life, be supported in your Plant Medicine journey for an extended period, contribute energetically to a collective healing space and ground and integrate new mindsets and healthy lifestyle habits.

We offer 1 month volunteering programs at our center, and if you love it you are welcome to stay longer. Some people find that the longer they stay the more integrated they feel.

We also offer discounted rates for extended stays.

During your stay you can participate in ceremonies at your own pace, as each month we host a few retreats. Ceremonies and stay are discounted for volunteers in exchange for helping out with daily tasks that keep the center running.

With regular meetings and check in circles that offer a space for sharing and support, we continuously intend to lift each other up!

As you stay and participate in ceremony you also become more familiar with the songs, the spirit and build your own relationship with the Medicines.

We begin a new Medicine Season from December 2022 until September 2023.

We are ready to warmy welcome you to our crew and family!

Email us at for more information and registration.

The Forest is calling!

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