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Guidance for choosing the ceremony setting for your experience

It is incredible how the use of Plant Medicine for healing is becoming more sought after all over the world and how many offerings there are to choose from.

It is so crucial that these Holistic Medicines become more available because of the incredible potential for healing and self awakening that they provide.

And with such a demand and availability, it also becomes more necessary for the seeker to have discernment about the ceremony space they choose to sit in.

Things to consider when choosing a place:

  • Safety

  • Authenticity

  • Personal Resonance


Anyone serving Medicine to another person should be engaged in a medical inquiry.

This is usually an intake form that asks about the participants physical, mental and emotional state of being.

It is essential that a participant list any medications or recreational, even plant medicines that they are taking or have been taking in the last month and up to 6months.

Some of these substances can cause uncomfortable to dangerous interactions when taken with, or within a close time period to drinking Ayahuasca.

As new medications come onto the market and as more scientific research is done, we have to stay consistently updated about these things.

A person taking certain incompatible medications can still have the opportunity to sit in ceremony if they can commit to a protocol of weening off those medications.

This may require time, effort, dedication and support. Certainly worthwhile if those medications are not actually working for one in the way needed.

A center holding medicine ceremonies should provide guidance for these kind of processes, and if not, it best to discuss it with your doctor. Even do some of your own research online. Searching medications and interactions with Ayahuasca, MAOI inhibitors, could give you insight, and in the vast world of web expression, it’s again important to have discernment and triple check things…


During a ceremony there should be trained helpers/assistants present to assist anyone experiencing any difficulties.

By the nature of psychedelics, one can loose sense of self, sense of balance or be pulled deeply into a process and need support. Having grounded and sensitive helpers are essential.

Some people may also feel comfortable knowing the emergency protocols of their facilitators and space holders.


There is not only one kind of Ayahuasca brew, truly there are few varieties of the plant that can be used, and sometimes other plants are also combined into the brew.

Understanding the kind of Medicine is being served to consider:

  • The ingredients and their potential effects

  • Sustainability of the resources, are there ethical practices involved in harvesting and regrowth

  • How it has been made and by who



Authenticity & Resonance:

Consider what is the setting of the ceremony.

The location, setting and style will have an effect on your experience.

In regards to safety and well being it’s valuable to know if the space is equipped and private.

This is also important in regards to beliefs-

Which traditions are incorporated? How does that resonate with you?

Also, inquiring where the facilitators have studied and trained and for how long have they been serving.

A space holder definitely learns to craft their ability to hold space through experience.


Having a real sense of trust in the space, setting and facilitators is vital.

Trust should not be taken for granted. When a person takes Plant Medicine, they become vulnerable.

So, asking questions and making your inquiry to know who you are putting your trust into, will help you feel safe and allow you to drop deeper into your experience with the Medicine.

When presenting questions, these should be well received and answered by the space holders.


Language can be an important consideration too.

If a person is of the type that may need extra support, then having someone speaking your native tongue may benefit you.

Language shared in Ceremony is usually through music. The music shared, reflects the tradition, reflects the spiritual path and can very well also be the teachings from the Medicine.

This aspect could profoundly affect your experience.

A person may experience more natural resonance with some traditions or ceremony styles, than with others. This is quite personal and unique to each person.

Some people like to stay within one tradition and circle, and others like to explore through variety.

Generally it’s recommended to trust your instincts, and be respectful, humble and open to learn from the tradition you choose to sit with.

Know also, that every ceremony you sit in will be very different from the ones before.

And what is becoming more and more important for many people in the world, is what comes after the ceremony experience. It is very likely that after ceremonies, some interesting shifts in personal perspective will occur, often ones that don’t fit in to the regular norm of a consumerist society. Having a sense of connection, community and channels for outreach can be very valuable in moments after, when anything like;

  • personal processes of healing continue,

  • things don’t change like you may want them to,

  • confusion and unclarity appear,

  • stress and anxiety come up from having to face the world,

to name a few…

Having access to time for yourself, support, communication, tools and community are invaluable for real transformation to occur.

And after all, is that not what we all quest for?

Hoping this offered some helpful guidance into considerations for choosing a retreat center or ceremony to participate in. And, wishing you safe and incredible journeys of self and universal consciousness in your Plant Medicine experiences!

Truth Simplicity Love

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